It’s Time For Something New!

What happened to Future Based?It’s still here, we just got a better name. Discover new music.

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Call us Tasty!

The Future Based blog you know and love is changing– but not really.

We’re still going to be bringing you the best new music and making cool visualizers just under a new name.

We’re calling ourselves Peanut Butter & Good Jams (or PB & Good Jams for short)

We found that the Future Bass genre was expanding beyond being called simply “Future Bass” so we’re expanding as well. Now we’re going to cover a variety of tunes with the core sound still at heart, but we’re not calling them tunes anymore, or songs, or tracks. For now on, everything we post is going to be a jam– and a Tasty! Jam at that.

We’re going to be bringing you one new song a day, every day, all year. So get ready, cause it just got a whole lot more Tasty!


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