PB & Good Jams - Move It On Taka Perry Ned Philpot

Taka Perry Gets Funky On New Jam “Move It On” Featuring Ned Philpot

On “Move It On” Taka Perry and Ned Philpot absolutely shatter the boundaries of genre blending. 

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“Move It On” is one of the most diverse songs I’ve ever heard– absolutely shattering the boundaries of genre blending.

On “Move It On” Taka Perry and Ned Philpot are guided along by some glitchy synths and an organ that feels light and dark all at once. It may sound a little too poppy at first but the song combines Future Bass production with Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B and then throws a heavy rock guitar solo at the end. The chorus uses a vocoder and pitched-up vocals to create a feeling of funk throughout the track as well. When the synth-like guitar solo does finally come in at the end the entire song feels like it has gone through a transition before then returning to the silky smooth chorus. Watch out for Taka Perry and Ned Philpot in the future, their voices perfectly combine on this one to create something beautiful and I see this happening again very soon.

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