New Music Friday: Vince Staples, Dj Khaled, Radiohead - PB & Good Jams

New Music Friday: Vince Staples, DJ Khaled, Radiohead

Summer music is officially in season with Vince Staples “Big Fish Theory”, DJ Khaled “Grateful” and Radiohead “OKNOTOK”.


Summer music is officially in season.

These are the albums out today that you need to listen to.

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Big Fish Theory is absolutely revolutionary. Vince Staples chose to have electronic producers like Flume and Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn take lead on his sophomore album and the combination of his rapping and their production is something to be witnessed. We got a preview of it with “Smoke & Retribution” but the album is absolutely fantastic and could only really be compared to Yeezus. This is TASTY AF and a must listen. It’s already been added to our list of the best albums of the year so far. 

DJ Khaled – Grateful

I went into this album having some pretty pessimistic feelings about DJ Khaled and his whole brand. Grateful has 22 songs so it’s about 9 songs too long. Khaled’s style is to simply play hype man to his featured guests and it gets annoying quick. I don’t need to hear him yell his own name at the start of every track, but he says it anyway. The only reason I’m listening to this is because it has greats like Nas, Alicia Keys, Raekwon, and a song with Beyonce and JAY-Z together and I’m not going to just ignore these amazing artists because Khaled decided to put Kodak Black and 21 Savage on the same fucking album. Listen to this selectively. Avoid everything after the 16th song, best song on the album is “Don’t Quit” because Calvin Harris produced it instead of Khaled, which begs the question as to why Khaled would hire a producer to produce a song on his self-produced album? Ridiculous.

Radiohead – OK Computer OKNOTOK

Radiohead decided to rerelease their legendary album Ok Computer on the album’s 20th anniversary and with it came some B-sides and three unreleased songs. The new tracks are “Man of War,” “Lift,” and “I Promise.” Not much else to say but if you’re a Radiohead fan this is a pretty big deal.

Imagine Dragons also had a new album come out today but they are this decade’s version of Nickelback so we’ll just let that go.

“Another One”

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