Interview: Tom & Collins Talk About Their New EP “A Different Kind Of High”

Interview: Tom & Collins Talk About Their New EP “A Different Kind Of High”

LISTEN: Tom & Collins have been called “the new face of Latin American house music” by Rolling Stone magazine and, now, they’ve released their debut EP.

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Tom & Collins have been called “the new face of Latin American house music” by Rolling Stone magazine and, now, they’ve released their debut EP.

The duo has surpassed over ten million cumulative plays on Spotify, with more than half of those coming from their reworking of the Tracy Chapman classic “Give Me One Reason”. Their debut EP, off of Universal Music, is their first full project since they blew up  just seven months ago. Being from México City, Tom & Collins found themselves representing all of Latin American house to the rest of the world after their sudden popularity. Soon, they would be posing for GQ magazine and as the new face and sound of Yves St. Laurent’s new fragrance. On A Different Kind Of High, the duo shines through with some of their most original and inventive music they’ve ever made. I had a chance to speak with Tom & Collins about the new EP, how they define their sound, and what it’s like to blow up practically overnight.

With your new EP, A Different Kind of High, what kind of message are you hoping to send to the world?

“A different king of high” talks about the different stages in a relationship that we all through: the beginning, the end, the ups and the downs. So, the message that we want to send is that the “high” is actually in the path or journey, not necessarily in the result. It’s about enjoying the road.

How would you describe your sound? Is your music a reflection of yourselves?

Definitely. It’s who we are. Our music is a combination of everything we’ve liked and known. We like to make the underground crowd enjoy and dance while introducing this type of music to the ears of people who are new to this scene. So, we combine groovy house instrumental tracks with more vocal or melodic pieces and flow between the two worlds. This has given us the freedom to go darker, emotional, or energetic when we need to. We like our music to be tasteful, sophisticated and fun at the same time.

What type of musical influence did México City give you growing up? Did it have an impact?

Yes, México has a huge electronic music scene right now and it’s getting bigger and better. Places like Tulum are making a huge impact in the country’s music culture. But different from what people think, being from Mexico doesn’t mean that we only listen to Mariachi or Banda, we have a big European and American influence. And so does the music that we make.

What are your thoughts on America’s recent addiction with Latin American music?

We love that not only America but the whole world is looking towards Latin American music right now. It has so much great flavor and warmth to it. And even though we don’t make reggaeton or salsa,  we try to incorporate the latin groove to electronic music.

And what do you think about your own increasing popularity and millions of Spotify streams?

It’s  very overwhelming because usually  all we see are numbers on a screen but when we go out to the world and see that people actually recognize your music and that each play has made an impact, it’s such an amazing feeling.  So, thanks to everyone that has listened to our music and shared it anywhere. That music was made for you and this is what keeps us going.

What were your thoughts when Rolling Stone called you the “new face of Latin American house’? Was it overwhelming or did it feel deserved?

It is such a big honor for us. We’ve been working really hard on this project and it was definitely a great feeling.

What’s next for Tom & Collins? Tour?

We have a second part to this EP with some exciting collaborations coming. We will be releasing also some cool remixes… so we’ll have non stop music for you guys. And we will soon announce some South American tour dates. So stay tuned on our social media!

What’s something not many people know about each of you?

JP: I design most of our artworks, covers and flyers. Apart from music production, I studied Marketing.

Jorge:  I’m a big sports Fan, mainly basketball and football. Also I went to Law School.

You can find more from Tom & Collins on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

I originally posted this Good Music All Day.

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