The Tasty! Jams From January 2018

The Tasty! Jams From January 2018

LISTEN: This month’s Tasty! Jams include songs from ELOHIM, Whethan, Louis The Child, Kendrick Lamar, Keys N Krates, Oliver Tree, Chrome Sparks, WAFIA, and many, many more!


January was filled with Tasty! Jams from some of our favorite artists and from some new ones we just discovered. Find the full Tasty! Jams playlist the first month of the new year on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Here are some of our selected jams from January:

Daktyl treated us to this bouncy jam.

aiwake kept us up at night with “Crescent Lane”.

This song from Wafia was our “Only Love” for a little while.

Superorganism gave us yet another Tasty! Jam.

Oliver Tree, the meme king, turned things “Upside Down” on this one.

Ghasper returned with this soon-to-be rave mainstay.

Shallou gave us another single to kick off 2018.

Whethan ended off the month by bootlegging Brockhampton…

Then he went and dropped an EP with Louis The Child.


What a way to start the new year.

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