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The Tasty! Jams From March

LISTEN: This month gave us some amazingly Tasty! Jams. Including, EVAN GIIA, Michl, Yoshi Flower, Carter Reeves and Abhi The Nomad, and many, many more.


What a month.

It may just have been the luck of the Irish, but this month we were gifted with plenty of Tasty! Jams. This month we also interviewed ToBy, Jordan Andrew, Olivia Nelson, and GEO. It’s hard to move past all of these great jams so even though it’s the start of April we like to go back and show off some of our favorite jams from last month.

EVAN GIIA lit things up with “WESTWORLD”– too bad we have to wait until April for the show to come back.

Carter Reeves and Abhi The Nomad kept the vibes flowing on “Fly High”

Patawawa and French Horm Rebellion teamed up to bring us this romantic jam. 

Michl gave us memories of Jai Paul on this showstopping jam. 

Thunder Jackson made some art on “Colours”. 

Yoshi Flower had a magnificent debut with “Movies”

You can find all of these great tunes and more in our Tasty! Jams playlists. 

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