The Tasty! Jams From April 2018

The Tasty! Jams From April 2018

LISTEN: April really rained down the good tunes. Listen to all of the TASTY! Jams from April on Peanut Butter & Good Jams.


April really rained down the good tunes. Starting the month off with another chiller from warner case before breaking into some heavier jams from A$AP Rocky, Saba, and SNAKEHIPS, April seemed to off to a great start just a few days in. The month of music that followed was certainly anything but disappointing. There were new jams from PB&GJ favs like Two Feet, Louis The Child, Bronze Whale, Hayden James, and Petit Biscuit, while we were also introduced to new favorites like Nick Dorian, BoTalks, Keelan Mak, Pink Skies, and TWINKIDS.


Jam out to some of the standout tracks from April:

Out of nowhere came Watchman, the UK SoundCloud producer who is going to be huge with his huge room sound.

Hayden James gave us his first song of 2018, featuring Boy Matthews, “Just Friends” is infectious. 

Galimatias will make you feel something smooth on “South”. 

COULOU made one of the most soothing songs you’ll ever hear this month. 

Quinn Lewis will keep you listening on “Weekend Luv” with the incredible synth that takes over during the chorus. 

Shallou, who released an EP this month, dropped a couple Tasty! Jams including “Sigh”. 

New artist, Keelan Mak made us wanna dance all night long on “Weigh You Down”.

Marian Hill followed their Coachella performance with this new sultry single. 

Maths Time Joy featured the incredible Ayelle for this absolutely show-stopping jam. 


You can find all of these Tasty! Jams and more on our Tasty! Jams playlists every month. 

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