Wit Blu Blasts Out New Song "Burgundy" Produced By GEO

Wit Blu Blasts Out New Song “Burgundy” Produced By GEO

LSITEN: Wit Blu and GEO blessed us with this jam, “Burgundy”, that is the definition of idgaf.

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Wit Blu has got herself a hit with this one.


Wit Blu is the alias of singer songwriter Whitney Carr.  With her stylish brand of jazzy slacker pop, Wit’s recent work has landed her on the Hype Machine charts and gifted a place in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

In her newest quirky dance floor bop “Burgundy”, Wit Blu puts on her idgaf face as she belts out the titular chorus, “Bury me in burgundy, keep my eyes wide open. Throw my ashes in the sea, either way I’m floating”. The lyrics let us know that Wit Blu, although living for the moment in this tune, is an artist who will be making heads nod far into the future.

Burgundy was created with multi-instrumentalist and producer GEO who has a sling of his own hits under his belt and who we got to interview just the other month. We certainly dig this duo right here and hopefully we’ll  be able to see a few more collaborations from them in the near future.

You can find more tunes from Wit Blu on SoundCloud and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 


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