The Tasty! Jams From July 2018

The Tasty! Jams From July

LISTEN: July was one absolutely crazy month. Listen to all of the Tasty! Jams from July now.


After June was filled with incredible releases I thought it would be impossible for July to ever compare. 

I was wrong. Seriously fucking wrong.

I was so wrong that for the first time ever our monthly playlist has more songs than days in the month…. yeah.

July was awesome. Not only did we get a ton of new music but we also got some great album announcements from the likes of Mac Miller, BROCKHAMPTON, Ben Khan, and Chance The Rapper (maybe). That alone would be pretty cool but that wasn’t it. We got new music from the Paul Institute, AK and Jai Paul’s label, and more releases are clearly lined up. We also got new Tasty! Jams from Easy Life, ayokay, Cool Company, warner case, MUTO, NEIL FRANCES, Childish Gambino, Louis The Child, APRE, The Kite String Tangle, Two Feet, Jerry Folk, Billie Eilish, and so many more.

Here’s some of the other jams from the month:

Garçons got us feeling like dressing up with “Pink Dress”


Timsters got our attention on “I Need to Know”


NEIL FRANCES got ask us anything after “ask me anything”


And here comes the dance break with “Comes & Goes” from La Felix


Matt DiMona had me seriously jamming to this lo-fi “green tea ice cream”

“Looking Back” was actually stuck in my head for days. Thanks DROELOE. 


Louis Mattrs is “Dynamite” on the vocoder

Blasko dropped his In Love EP featuring this gem “Future Love”


verzache got me feeling emotional on “No more”


Kyson lit it up on “Every High”.


The Kite String Tangle knows how to make a jam and “Give It Time” is no exception.

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