NEIL FRANCES Debut ‘Took A While EP’ Is An Indie Joyride

LISTEN: NEIL FRANCES debut ‘Took A While EP’ is filled with slacker, psych-rock jams that’ll keep you vibing out and relaxing in.


NEIL FRANCES, one of our absolute favorite new bands, just released their debut EP and I can’t get enough.

We’ve already featured half of the songs on the EP (“Coming Back Around”, “Ask Me Anything”, “Show Me The Right”) but the other half are just as Tasty!. The title track, “Took A While”, which closes the EP, is the epitomization of the band. Featuring distant vocals, a catchy refrain, psychedelic vibes, and an overall relaxed feel, it’s a great way to close the project and an overall Tasty! Jam. You can find “Took A While” and other songs from the Took A While EP on our Tasty! Jams playlists for August.

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