Cautious Clay Re-Releases “RESONANCE EP” Featuring 2 New Songs

LISTEN: Cautious Clay just dropped a new EP featuring some already certified Tasty! Jams like “French Riviera” and “Smoke”. Listen to the soothing tunes yourself and feel the resonance.


Cautious Clay, one of the most inventive new artists on our radar, just dropped a new EP.

His new RESONANCE EP is, well, it’s fucking awesome. His voice is gorgeous, and his production plays off of it perfectly — holding low at times to enhance his vocals and hitting hard at others to match his own enthusiasm. The EP features previous favorite “French Riviera” and also includes the brand new song “Crowned”. This is Cautious Clay’s 2nd project this year and he’s popping up on a whole lot of other radars besides ours so expect to hear big things from him before the year’s out, including a song with John Mayer. You can find “Crowned” and more jams from Cautious Clay’s RESONANCE EP on our Tasty! Jams playlists for August.

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