Disclosure Have Been Dropping New Songs Every Day This Week

LISTEN: Disclosure just dropped two new songs, “Moonlight” and “Where Angels Fear To Tread”, and they’re here to make you dance.

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Disclosure have been dropping a new song every day this week.

UPDATE: Disclosure have confirmed that tonight at midnight they will release another single called “Where You Come From”, their fifth and final song from their week of releases.

This recent influx of music follows Disclosure’s comeback track “Ultimatum“, and the vibe feels the same. Starting on Monday, Disclosure have released four tracks so far. In chronological order, “Moonlight”, “Where Angels Fear To Tread”, “Love Can Be So Hard”, and “Funky Sensation”. Disclosure have settled into this dreamy club-mix type of song so if you’ve been vibing with these longer, more DJ-esque jams then you’ll be in for a treat when the album arrives. You can find “Moonlight” and “Where Angels Fear To Tread” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for August.

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