Jerry Folk Drops New EP “Leisure Tapes”

LISTEN: Jerry Folk explores the boundaries he can push with sound on his newest EP “Leisure Tapes” featuring Tasty! Jams “Another Night”, “Bakers” and more.


Upon the opening seconds of “All in Me” you’ll be engulfed.


Jerry Folk has a way with sounds. He’s able to do things with sound that you’d probably normally find annoying but on Leisure Tapes seem magical. Since hearing the first single, “Another Night“, I knew I was going to vibe with this project — I just didn’t know how much.

Sticking with Kanye West’s unbreakable seven song format, the EP feels quick yet cohesive. Jerry Folk seems to excel most when he is able to freely explore his sound and on Leisure Tapes he does exactly that while also giving off the impression that he’s found that ever-elusive “sound” that every artist tries to capture. The songs all sound similarly yet drastically different. While they all portray the same overall vibe Folk explores different moods as the project goes on. By the time we hit the halfway point and transition on “Lesson” we lose lots of the happy-go-lucky feeling that was brought on by “Sweetness On My Tongue” and replace it with a dark paranoia. As “Bakers” rolls in you’ll feel the fading synth and repeated notes bouncing back and forth between your ears with a hint of dismay before Jerry closes you out telling you on the final track to, well, “Give In”.

In the end, you’ll hit play again because you’ll feel left wanting more but Folk delivered the perfect amount here to bring you that feeling. It’s just a taste, but it’ll leave you with a bit of “Sweetness On Your Tongue”.

You can find more than half the songs off the EP — “Another Night“, “Sweetness On My Tongue”, “Bakers”, and “Lesson” — on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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