The Tasty! Jams of August 2018 - Peanut Butter & Good Jams

The Tasty! Jams From August

LISTEN: All of our Tasty! Jams from this month featuring Louis The Child, warner case, Mura Masa, Cautious Clay, Jerry Folk, NEIL FRANCES, and more!


August was just awesome.


The month started with a new release from Mura Masa and only got better from there. Pluko released his album this month, as did LUI HILL and Ben Khan. We also got some incredible EP’s from Cautious Clay, Jerry Folk and NEIL FRANCES. But that wasn’t it… Disclosure dropped 5 new songs, all in one week, the return of FARR, and new music from Louis The Child, warner case, Bajillionaire, Snugs, Goldwash, Slow Magic, and so many more.

Skinnydip really “Got Me… this one’s too easy. It’s a good song.

Washed Out and ROOSEVELT teamed up for this sweet jam. 

And Thutmose and NoMBe went wild on “Sunburn”

Golwash froze us on this one.

Wafia is good. Really good.

Ashe left us feeling full and anything but “Naked” after this. 

Nick Dorian brought us back to the “Palisades” right here. 

Bajillionaire took it and ran on this. 

cln kept building “Waiting For You” until it became nothing short of incredible. 


You can catch these and all of our Tasty! Jams on our August playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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