APRE Release New EP “Drum Machines Killed Music”

LISTEN: APRE’s debut EP “Drum Machines Killed Music” is a feel-good, four song, fun time — for sure. Don’t sleep on this duo, they’ll be here to stay.


If drum machines killed it, then APRE have given the life back to music on their second EP.

With one of the four songs already being a certified Tasty! Jam, this one was bound to be a good time. Drum Machines Killed Music, simply put, is an EP filled with feel-good jams that’ll have you skipping down the street. Opening and closing with more melodic and instrumental tracks, the EP frames the two centerpieces of the project, the similarly named “Everybody Loves You” and “Without Your Love”. Together those songs drive the one-two punch that’ll have you putting APRE’s new EP on repeat. You can find “Everybody Loves You” and “Without Your Love” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for September and July, respectively.

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