Interview: Snugs Share Their Story, New Song “Never Needed You”

LISTEN: Snugs are a pair of producers who are all about making you feel as fluffy and fun as possible. PB&GJ got to have a little chat with the people behind the plush.

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Snugs is one of our favorite new artists who are all about creating comfort.

Since their debut single, “Radio Silence”, just last year, Snugs have been busy making their vision a reality. Snugs is a duo made up of Chris Engel and Lucas Abend but the true frontman is a smirking, baby blue, ball of fuzz. Their newest song, “Never Needed You”, feels freeing and, as you’ll see below, we all agree it’s a perfect “happy breakup song”. Check out the full interview with Snugs below the break.

How did the Snugs project originally start?

Lucas: I was Djing in Boston and wore a onesie to one of my shows. That spring some people came up to me and recognized me as the guy wearing the onesie so I knew I had to run with it!

Chris: Later that winter Lucas and I connected in LA to jam and within a few weeks we started working on Snugs.

Was it always the plan to have a cute and mischievous character represent Snugs?

Honestly, we just met the guy and that’s his name.

What were some of the inspirations behind Snugs and the music?

Comfort breeds creativity. People are more vulnerable and more friendly when they’re comfortable so we want to explore that in our music. Music should be fun!

Have you made music under any other names?

Lucas: I was Djing in college under a couple names and afterwards released some music as ø˚(Alt-ok)  which is how I met Chris. He mixed my first EP!

Chris: I mostly did mixing and mastering before Snugs, but I released a few chiller tracks as Ghost Club, and Strwlkr.

Where do you see the Snugs project taking you? What’s next for Snugs?

Chris: Imagine this. You’re at a festival. You’re in your pajamas. Everyone is in their pajamas. Feathers. EVERYWHERE.

Lucas: Haha yeah pretty much! We’re really excited about our live show. It’s going to be a full on pajama party. We got onesies specially made for the occasion!

What’s the feeling you’re trying to capture with your music?

We want people to feel like they’re getting something special when they listen to our music and especially when they see us live. We want to bring an energy and life to the music that we feel is lacking sometimes with all these too cool for school trap djs.

Tell me a little more about the people behind Snugs — is it a secret?

Not a secret 🙂 Snugs is Chris Engel and Lucas Abend and we work out of Los Angeles California. The anonymous artist thing isn’t where we are going with this, we show our faces and thank god we aren’t wearing any helmets!

Your newest song “Never Needed You” is almost like a happy breakup song. What was your inspiration here?

It is kinda a happy breakup song. There’s a lot of bitterness in the lyrics but overall it’s about triumphing over a toxic relationship which can be liberating! And the music really supports that vibe.

What should we be expecting for Snugs in the near future?

Live shows, animations, videos, tons more music, and even Snugs himself is here now which you can check out at come get comfortable!

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