Golden Vessel Drops New Song "BIGBRIGHT" Featuring Elkkle And Duckwrth

Golden Vessel Drops Gorgeous New Song “BIGBRIGHT” Featuring Elkkle And Duckwrth

LISTEN: Golden Vessel is back after nearly a year with the incredible “BIGBRIGHT” featuring DUCKWORTH, Elkkle, and E^ST


Golden Vessel returns with an absolutely show-stopping jam.


Featuring Elkkle, E^ST and Duckwrth, Golden Vessel makes his first solo release in nearly a year a joyous, collaborative anthem. Not even a week ago I was writing about Golden Vessel’s production on Emerson Leif’s new single “Twenty2” and wondering when he would release his own solo material. Well, now we know — and it’s filthy. “BIGBRIGHT” seamlessly transitions between vocalists and, even while clocking in at over four minutes, it leaves you wanting more. Duckwrth has an incredible verse at the end of the track that brings out some serious Amine vibes and Golden Vessel’s production is, as always, top fucking tier.

Since I first heard “Shoulders” I was instantly turned on to Golden Vessel’s smooth style. His music seems to effortlessly glide to completion with little left to desire besides a longer runtime. He’s the definition of vibey, which isn’t actually a word, but is definitely the best way to describe his music. You can find “BIGBRIGHT” from Golden Vessel and featuring Elkkle, E^ST, and Duckwrth in our Tasty! Jams playlists for September.

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