Two Feet Drops Debut Album “A 20 Something Fuck”

LISTEN: Two Feet has had a tumultuous year but he’s capping it off with this incredible and personal debut album, “A 20 Something Fuck.”


It hasn’t been an easy year for Two Feet but he’s ending it on top.


A 20 Something Fuck is the work of a troubled man who just wants to jam. Featuring the already certified Tasty! Jams “Hurt People“, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” and “Same Old Song (S.O.S Part 1)“, the album was something I’ve been looking forward to — and Two Feet did not disappoint. Besides the singles mentioned and the newest Tasty! Jam “Back Of My Mind” the other four tracks on the album truly feel like Two Feet just wanted to have some fun. I mean, one of the songs is titled “Felt Like Playing Guitar And Not Singing” and on it he does just that. It all feels very personal and self-expressive, which is no surprise from a man who publicly shared his intent to end his own life on Twitter. Thankfully, in recent weeks he’s seemed a lot better and, personally, I couldn’t be happier to see an artist that I love getting the help he needs — especially after Mac.

A 20 Something Fuck perfectly caps off Two Feet’s tumultuous year in which he capitalized on his “Go Fuck Yourself” fame, managed to score a radio hit with “I Feel Like I’m Drowning”, and seemingly discovered a whole damn lot about himself. It’s an easy listen and feels free-flowing but the depth is easily identifiable and the themes it covers are reflected not just in the titles or the music but within the overall mood the album creates. Go fucking listen.

“Hurt People”, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning”, “Same Old Song (S.O.S Part 1)”, and now “Back Of My Mind” are all certified Tasty! Jams and can be found on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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