Matt DiMona Jams From The Heart On New Album “JUNO”

LISTEN: On Matt DiMona’s new album “JUNO” he creates an indie electronic vibe so chill that he’ll have you vying for more Matt.

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Matt DiMona’s latest release is a personal 8-track project that feels like it was all made in his bedroom.


And to say it sounds like it was all made in his bedroom is not a bad thing, because it sounds fucking great. The album is undeniably relaxing and will chill you out real quick, especially the opener, “Depressed In LA.” Matt DiMona has a way of making music that seems simple at the forefront but truly contains complex production and themes. It may just be that it feels so relatable but at the end you’ll finish the album feeling like it might as well have been you who made it. It has that homegrown feel to it, even in the titles and track listing, and every song will trigger a thought process along the lines of “oh yeah I’ve done that too”. I mean maybe that’s just me, but if you’ve ever gotten high and been confused about your place in the world then this will probably vibe with you too — like, “I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE”. You can find “Depressed In LA” from Matt DiMona on our Tasty! Jams playlists for October (only on Spotify until he uploads to SoundCloud)

1 comments on “Matt DiMona Jams From The Heart On New Album “JUNO””

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