The Tasty! Jams From September - Peanut Butter & Good Jams

The Tasty! Jams From September

LISTEN: September had a variety of new and unexpected releases — listen to them all right here.


September was quite the month.


September had a variety of new and unexpected releases from the now infamous “I Love It” from Kanye West and Lil Pump to the unpredictable Elton John and Young Thug collaboration “High”. But while we were given many incredible jams in September we also lost the incredible Mac Miller — something I personally didn’t take very well. And as much as I may want Mac to “Come Back To Earth”, in life we try to move on, and new music always helps. With a new albums from BROCKHAMPTON, Jungle, Aminé, NVDES, and Olivia Nelson and EP’s from APRE, and Young Thug, the month had plenty to chose from. There was also new singles from Easy Life, who recently just covered Mac Miller on BBC1, Golden Vessel, Action Bronson, Whethan, Emerson Leif, Kyson, Alex Lustig, Bronze Whale, Nick Dorian and many more!

Kyson will have you dying to hear the chorus again on “Have My Back”

Alex Lustig teamed with Akacia on this one, and boy, it is more than “Enough”

Aminé surprised us all with OnePointFive, featuring this Tasty! Jam, “REEL IT IN”

Whethan and Honne better be on your “Radar” after this one. 

All The Rest show off their best on “Waste My Money”

La Felix will “Get To You” — but in a good way. 

The growing Vietnamese sensation scores another hit on “still mine”.

Jacob Banks and Seinabo Sey are nothing but great on “Be Good To Me”

NVDES brings out some Daft Punk vibes on “Mind Body Soul Music”

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