Verzache Makes Waves With New Album “Thought Pool”

Verzache Makes Waves With New Album “Thought Pool”

LISTEN: Verzache vibes out heavy on his new album “Thought Pool” with what can only be described as Acoustic Trap music.


Feel the waves with Verzache on this downtempo yet exhilarating eight-track project.


Since I first heard “No More” I knew Verzache was going to be one of my favorite new artists. His sound is extremely individual, comparable only to rising artists like Joji or Cautious Clay, I like to think of his music as Acoustic Trap. On Thought Pool Verzache gives you a deep dive into his personal life, touching on many, well, touchy, subjects. It is by far and away the album I’ve played most over the past few weeks since it came out. There isn’t just one standout song on the project, which is why I had to choose two tracks for our Tasty! Jams playlists, and that was a conservative amount. “Some Things”, “What Happened”, “Fallback” and “Kick It” are all incredible tracks, and, yes, I realize that that’s half the album — it’s that good. Verzache’s seemingly effortless style is the combination of singer-songwriter like melodies, catchy hooks, acoustic guitar riffs and overpowering trap beats — all working together to create a tropical yet raw vibe. Verzache’s new album Thought Pool is a must-taste and you can find “Kick It” and “What Happened” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for October.


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