Tyler, The Creator Dropped A Surprise EP As Mint Juul

Tyler, The Creator May Have Dropped A Surprise EP As Mint Juul

LISTEN: Surprise, surprise, Tyler, The Creator dropped an EP called “Lucky Charms” under the name Mint Juul.

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UPDATE 2: Definitely was not Tyler, go check out his new album IGOR though (that’s legit).


UPDATE: We honestly are not sure if this is Tyler or some imposter. Will keep updated.


Flog Gnaw, The Grinch, and now Lucky Charms, Tyler, The Creator is on a roll.


Released earlier this month to no fan-fair, the Lucky Charms EP features several unreleased tracks including “What The Fuck Right Now”, the A$AP Rocky and Tyler remix to Kanye West’s Life of Pablo cut “Freestyle 4” and Tyler’s Kids See Ghosts remix “Crust in Their Eyes.” What’s interesting is that there is no real way to confirm that this was Tyler who uploaded the music but based on the fact that it’s been on Spotify and Apple Music for more than a month points to signs that it’s probably legit. Just another cool addition to the many “throwaway” projects Tyler has been putting out over the past year and a great discovery. You can find “Crust in Their Eyes” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for November.


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