La Felix Bring On The "Drama" With KOLE

La Felix Bring On The “Drama” With KOLE

LISTEN: La Felix and KOLE teamed up to create a little “Drama” with a summer bop in the middle of the winter.


La Felix are being a little dramatic.


I know it’s the middle of the winter but I’m in LA so it’s not that cold and La Felix and KOLE just dropped a bubbly summer jam so it’s June 21st for all I care. “Drama” is a warm, vibe-filled jam, featuring a bright chorus that will have you hopping around and rolling the windows down even if it’s only 2°. The New Zealand producer had a few words to say about the song’s creation:

“KOLE reached out to me after hearing one of my singles and asked if I could redo her song “Wildflower” for her. It turned out real nice and I fell in love with her voice and her song-writing, so naturally I asked if she would like to feature on one of my tracks and that’s how we ended up with “Drama”.

I originally had a completely different instrumental for this track, but after getting KOLE’s vocals back I decided to start again from scratch to make it suit her vocals.” – La Felix

You can find “Drama” from La Felix and KOLE on our Tasty! Jams playlists for January.

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