Interview Q&A: Midnight Pool Party Talk About Their Roots, Dreams, And Maybe Meeting Ellen One Day

Interview Q&A: Midnight Pool Party Talk About Their Roots, Dreams, And Maybe Meeting Ellen One Day

INTERVIEW: Australian duo Midnight Pool Party talk music, pool parties, and dreams.


Recently I had a chance to chat with Midnight Pool Party who just released their latest Tasty! Jam “Slow Down” ahead of their upcoming EP. The Australian duo, made up of Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz, have been making music as Midnight Pool Party for three years now, finding their sound along the way. I got the opportunity to ask them a few questions about how they met, where they’re at, and where they see themselves in a year. I did forget to ask if they’d invite me to any pool parties they may throw in the future but I’d like to think that I don’t even have to ask…

See the Q&A Interview with Midnight Pool Party in full:


So, how’d you meet? Was it an instant connection?

We were family friends, and grew up in the same area but we didn’t really start making music and connecting until 2012.

How’d you come up with the name Midnight Pool Party? 

At the time when we were coming up with names, we were a lot younger, and there were a lot of parties so we initially had “Pool Party” down as an option. Then we added “Midnight” just to give it a bit of mystery. 

And, when are you actually going to throw a crazy Midnight Pool Party? 

We totally have been wanting to do it for a very long it time.  We won’t make promises just yet, but if we do, it has to be at a key point in our career. Like when we win that Grammy (haha)

What’s your songwriting process like? Is it a collaborative effort through and through or do you each have your specialties you focus on when in the studio?

It has been different each time we write a song. We both make time to work on music on our own, then we get together and share ideas. If we find something we are both vibing, then we usually focus on it.

Midnight Pool Party - Peanut Butter & Good Jams

How do you think living in Sydney has influenced your music? 

We have always been influenced by Australian music, especially by the dance/electronic scene. We are lucky to be living in hub full of talented artists and producers! Especially with the lock out laws that we enforced years ago, you can really feel the community and support from Sydney based artists all fighting for our shared love of music. 

Do you think you’d be making the same type of music if you lived somewhere else your whole life?

Yes, I definitely think that your surroundings affect your creations. 

How do you describe your sound? Do you want it to be categorized or would you prefer to let it stand without a specific classification? 

We both listen to a vast range of music, but generally we make dance music influenced by disco and funk from different eras. 

Where do you see yourself going in 2019? 

Hopefully another EP by the end of the year, maybe a few big shows supporting major artists. But hey, let’s go big! We wanna be signed and touring the world J

What’s the response you hope to see from people who hear the music? Tap their foot? Get up and bust a move? 

All the above, with a smile.

What’s something crazy you’ve gotten to do because of the connections and opportunities made after releasing your Dalliance EP

 I think the fact that it’s reached over a million streams just on Spotify still blows our minds. Knowing that our music is something that is a part of people’s lives from different corners of world is an awesome feeling. 

What’s something crazy you hope happens? Somewhere you want to go, someone you want to meet? 

#1 record around the world and a world tour. Meeting Beyoncé, or Ellen DeGeneres haha you know you’ve made it if you do.

Tell me a bit about the background for your new song “Slow Down”, how did it all come together?

It’s about stopping and taking the time to appreciate a situation with someone instead of rushing and making mistakes. It was written at a time when Darren was getting back with an ex-lover. Once Oliver jumped on board, we just smashed out the production and we knew it was going to be a single. Our mate Allan (from close counters) heard the song and recorded a piano solo which was just the cherry on top of this banger!

And, lastly, what can you tell us about what we have to look forward to from Midnight Pool Party in the coming months?

Another single and our EP. Hopefully a few shows, maybe we’ll throw an album launch party. Who knows!

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