Q&A: Golden Vessel Hints At Upcoming Album, Plus Exclusive Photos & Video From LA Show

Q&A: Golden Vessel Hints At Upcoming Album, Plus Photos & Video From LA Show

WATCH: Photos & Video from Golden Vessel recent LA show plus a Q&A with the Australian musician where he teases at a new album.


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Golden Vessel just keeps going.


I got the chance to catch him live in LA last week opening for BAYNK at the Teragram Ballroom and Golden Vessel surely lived up to the hype. Taking the stage with fellow Australian producer Akurei they gave us a taste of some new music in between jams like “DIZZY”, “BIGBRIGHT”, and an incredible cover of Frank Ocean’s “Chanel.” It truly was a golden performance but if you missed the tour you’ll still have an opportunity to catch him live at SXSW next week where he’ll be playing at multiple showcases.

I also got the chance to ask him a few questions about the tour, his collaboration process, and his plans for the future — which seemingly includes an upcoming album.

See the full Q&A below followed by some photos from the show:

How has the tour been? What’s your favorite place you’ve been to on this tour so far?

The tour has been amazing! It’s our first time over here and the reception has been so warm everywhere. We’ve driven a lot and we got to drive through Zion National Park in Utah and do a 1hr hike which was insanely beautiful.

Your recent singles have all been collaborations with artists ranging in many different styles. How do you approach collaborating and does the music come about a different way each time? Do you feel songs like “BIGBRIGHT”, which features three artists, are formed differently than songs like “DIZZY” or “Hesitate”, which was you and one other person? 

I try to be in the room as much as I can as I think bouncing ideas back and forth in person creates way better songs than email! Sometimes I’ll bring in an idea to start from but most of the time it’s from scratch and we’ll just see where things head. BIGBRIGHT was a bit different cause Elkkle and I made that together and I decided I wanted to try get two more people on the track and 6 months later got verses from Duckwrth and E^ST. 

And what do you see coming next? I know you hinted that you recorded a few more music videos on your recent trip back to Japan. Is there anywhere or anything you’d like to explore artistically next? 

Yep I have an album coming out around May-ish that I’m going to announce properly soon! And yeah a couple more videos filmed in Tokyo. Plus some production work for my friends which I’m excited about! 

I think at the moment I’m just trying to become a better songwriter! It’s kind of become this exciting new thing of not just making sounds but also trying to be eloquent and honest with words

Golden Vessel Live At Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA - Peanut Butter & Good JamsDSC_0990DSC_1003DSC_0973DSC_0998_1


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