Q&A: Lamalo Let Loose On Their New Song "Real Love"

Interview: Lamalo Let Loose On Their New Song “Real Love”

LISTEN: Lamalo teamed up with frequent collaborator Kim Ven for their newest hit “Real Love” and shared with us all the details in an exclusive interview.

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Lamalo teamed up with frequent collaborator Kim Ven for their newest hit, “Real Love”

Lamalo, the duo made up of two Sydney-based Conservatorium graduates, Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun, have been making cinematic dance music for the past few years but have recently found some serious success with their single “Outside” and are going for the one-two knockout now with their newest jam “Real Love.”

I got the chance to ask the Australian duo a few questions about their influences, creative process, and their future. See the full interview below:

To start, how do you describe your sound?

Textural electronic music with an orchestral and compositional approach.

You and Kim Ven have worked together many times in the past, what’s your collaboration process like? Do you feel your musical relationship has evolved over time or have you always approached collaborating similarly over the years?

We usually start with the instrumental then get the topline afterwards. Once we heard Kim’s melody, we knew exactly what layers were missing and came up with little motifs to further highlight and interact with the her voice. Our music with Kim has evolved over the years, as we have both grown as musicians.

What’s the story behind “Real Love”? What was the songwriting process like?

Kim is singing about a past relationship and the feelings of doubt she had towards it. The lyrics reflect two of her own perspective interacting and conflicting with each other. For us, when we produced the track it was both energetic but melancholic which made Kim’s story fit perfectly.

Who are some of your biggest influences? Any newer artists you’ve found recently that you think are underrated? 

We draw influences from a wide range of music. We both started off as classical musicians and studied at the Sydney Conservatorium. We are heavily influenced by the Presets, Mansionair and Anatole amongst others electronic artists that come out of the Sydney Con stream.

What’s next for you? 

We have a countless supply of instrumentals so getting some singers on them would be cool. We also wanna keep developing our live show and taking it to some festival and abroad.

You can find “Real Love” from Lamalo and Kim Ven on our Tasty! Jams playlists for March.

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