Fresh Music Friday: Schoolboy Q, Anderson .Paak, LSD, josh pan, Johan, & More

Fresh Music Friday: Schoolboy Q, Anderson .Paak, LSD, josh pan, Johan, & More

LISTEN: New Tasty! Jams from Schoolboy Q, Anderson .Paak, Patawawa, All The Rest, Ocean Heights, LSD, Johan, josh pan & more!


March on.


Can you believe we’re halfway through March already? It seems like just yesterday that I was preparing my Best Albums of 2018 list but, nonetheless, here we are! This week we had some dope new Tasty! Jams including “Numb Numb Juice” the new single from Schoolboy Q — his first new music in nearly three years. Anderson .Paak also gave us a taste of his new album Ventura, his second this year, and also revealed it will feature Smokey Robinson, Nate Dogg, and André 3000, among others.

That’s not it though — not even close. LSD, the collab from Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth, released a new single “No New Friends” after announcing yesterday that their debut album would be out on April 12th and josh pan & Dylan Brady released their joint album This Car Needs Some Wheels featuring the already certified Tasty! Jam “Wheels” and the now newly certified “Revolution.” Johan got me feeling high with his new single “i don’t do drugs anymore” and Patawawa picked it up the vibes with “All The Time.” New Jersey singer-producer Ocean Heights had us feeling “Kinda Love” with his new one but we can’t forget about All The Rest and their explosive new jam “Sleeping With The Lights On.”

See all of these Tasty! Jams below and find them all on our Tasty! Jams playlists for March.

Schoolboy Q – “Numb Numb Juice”

Anderson .Paak – “King James”

LSD (Sia, Diplo, Labrinth) – “No New Friends”

josh pan & Dylan Brady – “Revolution”

Johan – “i don’t do drugs anymore”

Patawawa – “All The Time”

All The Rest – “Sleeping With The Lights On”

Ocean Heights – “Kinda Love”

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