Denzel Curry Just Sampled Kanye's 'Sunday Service' On New Song & It's Insane

Denzel Curry Just Sampled Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’ On New Song & It’s Insane

LISTEN: Remember that viral video of Kanye and the choir? Well, Denzel Curry just took us all to church again with his new “Sunday Service” remix.

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Jarreau Vandal spliced up Kanye’s ‘Sunday Service’ beat and Denzel Curry took it and ran.


In case you don’t know what Kanye West ‘Sunday Service’ is, well, check below:

That video, which was posted on Chyi The Prince’s Instagram a few weeks back, immediately went viral with people excitedly anticipating Kanye’s new album, supposedly called Yandhi. Well, before we get the chance to hear what Kanye has in store for us Denzel Curry hopped on the ‘Sunday Service’ beat and took us all to church.

Produced by Jarreau Vandal, he spoke to Highsnobiety, saying “I thought I was finished with my DJ edit pack until I woke up on this Monday morning. As I opened my phone scrolling through Instagram I bumped into this video of Kanye West nodding his head wildly with a big choir behind him covering Fred Hammond’s “This Is the Day.” This gave me so much energy I immediately hopped out of bed and sampled the shit out of it. I teased a clip of the beat on Instagram and it blew up. That’s when Denzel Curry reached out and asked me to jump on it.” You can find Denzel Curry and Jarreau Vandal’s “Sunday Service” on our Tasty! Jams playlists.


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