Spend A Little "Alone Time" With Carter Reeves New Single

Spend A Little “Alone Time” With Carter Reeves New Single

LISTEN: Carter Reeves brings out that SoCal funk for his funky, bouncy, new single “Alone Time.”


Bringing out that SoCal funk.


Almost exactly a year ago Carter Reeves popped onto my radar with his collab with Abhi The Nomad, “Fly High.” Now he’s back again with his second Tasty! Jam of the month, following “Satellites”, and this time he’s adopted an even bouncier and more exhilarating sound. Reeves spoke on the record, saying “The conflict the track stems from is the classic inner struggle that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’ What you think you want is not always what you need, and I constantly battle with this concept. I’ve reached a point sonically in which I could be upfront about how I’m feeling. I am finally being honest in my writing and that is completely apparent on ‘Alone Time’.” You can find “Alone Time” from Carter Reeves on our Tasty! Jams playlists for March.

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