Cuco Shares Emotional New Song “Hydrocodone”

LISTEN: Cuco’s experimental and emotional new track “Hydrocodone” is a glimpse inside the mind of a very lonely person.


Cuco shares his first new music since his devastating car accident.


Yesterday Cuco shared “Hydrocodone”, the first single off of his upcoming debut album. “Hydrocodone” is a very emotional and slightly experimental track that shows Cuco in a very vulnerable and lonesome place. Speaking on the new song he said “I’m super excited to be back releasing my own music with this single ‘Hydrocodone,’ the first one from my debut album… Ecstatic to put this song out after two years of working on it, having finished it on my Apple headphones in the hotel room off Hydrocodone post surgery recovering from our accident. Hope you enjoy it.” You can find “Hydrocodone” from Cuco on our Tasty! Jams playlists for April.

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