Golden Vessel Shares Beautiful New Song & Video “HIGHWAY”

WATCH: Golden Vessel teamed up with Emerson Leif yet again for the gorgeous “HIGHWAY”

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Golden Vessel teams with Emerson Leif once again for this gorgeous new song.


Golden Vessel graced us yet again with another incredible song, “HIGHWAY”, featuring Emerson Leif. Previously, the two collaborated on “Hesitate” and “Twenty2.” “HIGHWAY” was accompanied by a music video which shows Golden Vessel in the back seat of a car staring deeply into the camera and singing along to the song. Recorded in Japan, it’s the second of three videos that Golden Vessel recorded during his time in Tokyo.

Speaking on the track Golden Vessel said, “‘HIGHWAY’ was the first song that I made for the album and it came together really fast. I made the beat in the morning and called my friend Emerson Leif to see whether he was up to anything. He came over in the afternoon and I had the idea of recording him a few times across the track without thinking about lyrics / melodies beforehand and just singing subconsciously. He kind of mumbled and formed words and what came out was really exciting and felt really honest and so I took the 5 recordings and cut it up into a song and it was pretty much done at that point.”


Emerson Leif also had a few words to say about the lyrics for the song: “The lyrics for ‘HIGHWAY’ went straight from the heart into the microphone. When I woke up that morning my beautiful wife had been joking around hiding under the covers and saying that she might sleep in all day and I could wake her up when I got home. Sometimes those seemingly insignificant moments end up being the most magical things we share with people. That sentiment was no doubt echoing in my head on the drive to Max’s studio and its intimacy made its way into the song in a beautifully genuine way. Sometimes these magical moments happen when you are comfortable and not overthinking your environment or who you are with. It is a great gift being able to create something beautiful and honest with a friend.”

Golden Vessel just finished touring alongside BAYNK and Akurei and then made a quick pit spot at SXSW before making his debut album announcement last week. Previously, he teamed with Oscar Key Sung for “DIZZY”, fought Mallrat with moon rocks in his “MOONSTONE” music video, and joined forces with DUCKWRTH and Elkkle for “BIGBRIGHT.” I interviewed Golden Vessel earlier this month and caught him live in Los Angeles, check out the exclusive photos and video here.

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