That's Nice & MRY Join Forces On Hot New Disco Jam "No Denyin'"

That’s Nice & MRY Join Forces On Hot New Disco Jam “No Denyin'”

LISTEN: There’s “No Denyin'” this new disco banger from That’s Nice and MRY

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There’s “No Denyin'” this banger.


Sometimes Plan A doesn’t work out. And that was exactly the case with “No Denyin'” as Mexican producer That’s Nice originally made the song with another artist in mind. In the end though, Los Angeles-based vocalist (and PB+GJ favoriteMRY lended his voice to the track, giving it that extra juice it was missing before.

Speaking on the track That’s Nice said “The song started out as a remix I was doing for an artist. The track wasn’t coming together because the vocals weren’t working so I decided to turn it into an original song.At first, I wanted to get a DuTonc disco vibe, but the song went in another direction. I started adding different sounds and experimenting. It was really fun mixing synth pop/sawtooth wave synths (ala CHVRCHES) without losing my style. I’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future.”

MRY also feels pretty connected to the song, saying “I definitely feel like I live the 1st verse on repeat. This is all about perseverance and sticking to your guns.”

You can find “No Denyin'” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for April.

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