PREMIERE: Fantastic Mister Zguy Shares Retro "That's My Life" Music Video

PREMIERE: Fantastic Mister Zguy Shares Retro “That’s My Life” Music Video

WATCH: Fly through space with an old monitor and some pure lo-fi vibes from Fantastic Mister Zguy in “That’s My Life” music video.

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Fantastic Mister Zguy is fantastically lo-fi.


Today we’re premiering the new music video from Paris-based, lo-fi wizard, Fantastic Mister Zguy (that’s a mouthful) for “That’s My Life.” The video follows Mister Zguy as he takes a retro trip through an old computer monitor, traveling through space as he sings about how he wants to both “cry” and “dance.” I also had a chance to chat with the Fantastic man himself, talking about the video, living in Paris, and his love of shrimp. Watch the video and check out the full interview below:

How’s your day going so far? What have you been up to? 

My day is going great. I have some little stomach problems today (like everyday) but i’m ok ! I’m working with my friend Gaetan Nonchalant, we are preparing a collaborative EP. So it’s record time for us 🙂

How did you come up with your name, Fantastic Mister Zguy?

My name is Ghislain… But everybody call me « Guy » or « Zgeg ». Zguy is a combination of those two nicknames ! And Fantastic Mister is a wink to the movie Fantastic Mister Fox, directed by the amazing Wes Anderson. This movie was a shock for me, so elegant ! In France, we call that kind of movie « chef d’oeuvre ».

How do you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard your music before?

First, i would say that’s it’s not too complicated. Everybody can directly understand how my music works ! The structures are easy ! Take the structure of Someone To Lean On for example, intro – verse – refrain – verse – refrain – the end. No bridge, no solo. Straight to the point :).

Then I would say that it’s Lo-Fi because i never use a big studio to record and I like going fast. And finally my music is Feel-Good and Nostalgic at the same time !

How did the idea for the “That’s My Life” video come about?

I like drawing and working on a green screen ! So that’s what i did on the video That’s My Life. It’s a Lo-Fi video that i made with the help of my friend Leo.  That’s my life is a song about how you feel when you’re a teenager. When all the feelings are multiplied by ten and that you ask yourself a thousand questions !

What’s your fascination with shrimp all about?

When i was a child, i spent my holidays in Normandie in a little village called Saint-Peter Harbor. My grand mother had a house there and everyday we were going fishing shrimps with my cousins. My grand ma passed away in 2015 and my first EP Shrimp Fishery came after in 2016. It was a tribute to my grand mother and then it became my signature !! King Shrimp, my first album that i released 1 month ago is a huge achievement. i’m really happy to be the King of the Shrimp Community.

How has living in Paris influenced and affected your music?

I love Paris. I live here for 20 years now and my music is coming from this town that’s for sure. There’s also a great indie music scene that is rising up right now. It’s amazing to feel the atmosphere…

But I like to say that Paris is a tough city too, noisy, bewildering. I’m an hypochondriac person and a shrink told me once that i was a victim of this city :))

Who are some artists you believe are underrated that you’ve been listening to lately? 

Juan Wauters, Tall Juan, Adam Green and my friends Why Mud, Max Caz… ❤

What’s next for you?

I’m preparing a new collaborative EP with my friend Gaetan. I really enjoy working with him… So much fun, he’s great and really talented !

I have two gigs in Paris in april and may (Dirty Dick and 1999) and i’m preparing the summer for Fantastic. We are going to play a lot and i’m trying to organize a tour in NYC. This is the Lo-Fi dream !

Finally, i’ve been selected by Citroën for its new worldwide advertising for 2019 ! Crazy, Fantastic and his Lo-Fi in your television for 18 months!

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