Interview: World Champion Share All About Their New "Skyline EP"

Interview: World Champion Tell All About Their New “Skyline EP”

INTERVIEW: The wavy Australian group World Champion is shooting off after the release of the new “Skyline EP”, read their thoughts in our new interview

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The Australian trio is shooting off after the release of their new EP.


World Champion first hopped onto my radar with the release of the EP’s intro track, “Gun,” back in November and then followed up with a pair of Tasty! Jams, “Callisto” and “Nevermind,” before releasing the full project last month. World Champion shared their first EP, Avocado Galaxy, back in 2015 and have now returned several years later with the seven song Skyline, showing off their musical maturity and giving off a bit more of a synth wave vibe. I got the chance to ask Julian of World Champion a little bit about their new EP, what they’ve been up to for the past few years, and what’s coming next. Catch the full interview below:

Do you have any personal favorite tracks off the EP? If so, why’d you choose that one? 

My favorite tracks are oddly more outliers of the record – “Pillow Talk” and “Skyline”. I feel like the mood of “Skyline” perfectly sums up the period in LA we spent writing and recording half the EP. There was this great moment driving to Malibu, listening to it recorded for the first time. Felt like we’d made something to be proud of. “Pillow Talk” I just like the aesthetic. It’s cheeky, doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet I feel it’s really musical. 

How do you feel that you’ve changed, both musically and individually, since your last project Avocado Galaxy? 

Since the last record I feel there’s more of a musical maturity and the songs translate really well to a live space. Stylistically it’s more soulful and we wrote most the tracks playing live in a room as apposed to computer based ideas. 

 What’d you do in those three years between releases?

In between releases Will has done a law degree, Reg has been working as a radio programmer and I’ve been touring playing drums with a few bands. We’ve been working. Constantly the whole time though. We wanted to approach this record differently so it took us a sec to redevelop our writing style. We really wanted to make this record feel like it was an evolution from the previous one and felt fresh. 

 Who are some of your biggest influences, both musically and otherwise? 

Influences sonically for this record would be a lot of early 2000s synth wave dance stuff, mixed with like 70s soul and more currently alternative hiphop stuff. Then the writing style is more organic – we dot try to emulate chord progressions or melodic styles really. 

Any newer artists you’ve been listening to that you’re really into lately?

Currently there’s a few local things we vibe heaps. Love Deluxe, Harvey Sutherland, Genesis Owusu. Then just been listening to a lot of old classic jams! 

 What’s next for you? 

Next for us is playing live! We’re rejigging the show to make it incredible. Then – full length album! We want to do it all live with a 7 piece band! 

You can find more from World Champion on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.


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