Oliver Tree Keeps The Meme Alive In "Miracle Man" Music Video

Oliver Tree Keeps The Meme Alive In “Miracle Man” Music Video

WATCH: As crazy as always, Oliver Tree finally shares his new video for “Miracle Man” and announced his “farewell” tour.

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As crazy as always.


After spending the last few days draining his fans of all their likes, comments, and retweets, Oliver Tree has finally delivered his newest song and video, “Miracle Man.” It’s about what you’d expect from Oliver Tree and features as much ridiculous nonsense and gruesome injuries as his previous work like “Hurt” and “Fuck.” While the video may stick to playing up Oliver’s insanity the song itself is actually one of his best yet and has a more stripped down, punk rock feel to it. With “Miracle Man” also came a headlining “farewell” tour announcement across the US. Titled the “Goodbye, Farwell Tour” it’s yet to be seen if this is just another gimmick or if the Oliver Tree character will be retired after this series of dates. For now, you can find all of the announced tour dates below and “Miracle Man” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for June.


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