aQ&A: daste Tell Us How They Got Their Name, Their Favorites From "Palette" & What's Next

Q&A: daste Tell Us How They Got Their Name, Their Favorites From “Palette” & What’s Next

INTERVIEW: The Australian trio just released their debut EP last month and are here to share their favorite tracks, their influences and what’s next

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The Australian trio just released their debut EP last month.

Last year Tyler, Callum, and Braxton joined together to bring a bit of electro-funk to Gold Coast Australia in the form of daste‘s debut single “Thinkin’ Of.” Four more songs and nine months later the trio has delivered their debut EP, Palettevia Mammal Sounds Records. Chock full of Tasty! Jams like “SOBER” and “Myself” the EP is a joyful fifteen minutes of lo-fi delights and gooey vibes. I had the chance to ask Tyler of daste a few questions about the group, Palette, and what’s next. Check out the full interview below!

 Hey there! First off, how’d you all meet? 

Hey! We all came together through music. Braxton and I met in high school and then connected up with Callum after playing in another Gold Coast band with him called ANNY.

Where does the name daste come from?

When it came to coining a band name we wanted it to express the various layers and flavours that each song brings to the table. We already used daste as a word for good things and we felt that fitted nicely.

About Palette, you once said that it was “impossible” for you to approach each song with the same “ingredients.” Could you talk a little more about this? What changed for you? Did you find different ways to start each session?

After we had just released “Thinkin’ Of” and went back into the studio to write more we were trying the same formula every time. It wasn’t long before we learnt to try different approaches like writing individually and bringing a more whole song to the rest of the band to produce on.

Did that process of approaching each track differently help you in coming up with the idea for the EP, in that it’s a “Palette” of different material, each with it’s own “flavor”, or was it more so the other way around and you always knew you wanted each song to stand on its own? 

We definitely always wanted each of the singles to stand out on their own but still reference one another and contribute to the overall concept of the EP – that they are each different dishes with a various textures and tastes. We like to think of Palette like a full course dinner with dessert at the end, starting from a very electronic piece as we move into grounded, organic sounds like pianos and trumpets.


In a perfect world, where do you see people listening to Palette? On a beach or road tripping, alone or with friends? What’s the vibe you hope to pass on? 

A lot of the songs featured on Palette are introspective and very personal experiences so being alone is good for those, in your most comfortable music space. But there are also tracks that we wanted people to spin on the dance floor. 

 What’s your favorite song on Palette

I have love for all them all (and “SOBER” is always a groovy one) but I’d have to say that “Thinkin’ Of” is my favourite track just because it was the first song we created together and has a special meaning for us.

Who are some of your influences, both musically and otherwise? 

We’ve been digging the sounds from Tora and LEISURE for a long time but we also draw from some older influences like ELO, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd.

Any newer, up and coming, artists you’ve been really digging lately?

We’ve got a lot of love for Tomos, First Beige, HIGH HOOPS, and Peach Fur from our hometown.

What’s next for you guys?

We are planning on getting back into the studio and hibernating for a while to write some new music for the next phase. We’ve also got some collaborations on the way and a cheeky remix or two 

Find more from daste on Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter

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