Listen To Eric Andre's Debut Album As BLARF

Listen To Eric Andre’s Ridiculous Debut Album As BLARF

LISTEN: This may hurt. Eric Andre’s debut album as BLARF is a noisy, trippy, intentional mess.

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BLARF, who may or mat not actually be Eric Andre, has released their debut album.

Today BLARF shared their debut album, Cease & Desist, via Stones Throw Records. Previously, the mysterious artist shared the song and video for “Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin” giving us a taste of the wild nonsensical… blarf… to come. Cease & Desist is an album of noise, samples, and sounds — not music — but noise. There’s one 12-minute track on the album called “I Worship Satan” that is, lightly put, a challenging listen. Give this album a chance if you wanna — You can not find Cease & Desist from BLARF in our Tasty! Jams playlists for June, but you can find the album on Bandcamp.

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