Mindchatter Shares Lush New Song "Kerosene"

Mindchatter Shares Lush New Song “Kerosene”

LISTEN: Mindchatter sparks the match on this soothing new jam, “Kerosene,” featuring chill production and warm synths

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Mindchatter sparks the match.


I first heard Mindchatter back in January with his debut single “Trippy” and immediately was hooked. The New York producer’s smooth and dreamy production style puts you in a headspace that few artists can and the fuzzy horn-like synths that he utilizes in the majority of his music are the musical equivalent of pure butter. On his newest release, following the certified Tasty! Jams “Just Gonna Exist” and “Tough As Nails,” Mindchatter sticks to the formula he’s nearly perfected just five songs into his musical career. “Kerosone,” despite the explosive name, is a soothing, chill jam that I wish started playing every time I squeezed a stress ball for now on. You can find “Kerosene” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for June.

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