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Jamie Lane Breaks Down His Debut EP “Minimal Haze” Track By Track

TRACK BY TRACK: Jamie Lane gives his thoughts on each of the tracks from Minimal Haze, his debut EP, including “Say It Again” and “Bleed”

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Jamie Lane does a deep dive into each of the tracks from his debut EP.


After releasing his debut EP late last month, Brisbane’s Jamie Lane has shared with us a little bit of insight on each of the project’s five tracks. Originally catching my ear with his releases of “Desire” and “Say It Again,” he managed to capitalize on the good vibes he built up on Minimal Haze. His whispered vocals play off his sleek yet sparse production beautifully and, together, create an infectious musical effect. Here’s what Jamie had to say in his EP breakdown:

“Way Down”

This is a different direction that i’m really into lately, i wanted to capture a more contemplative & hypnotic style with this one to really hammer down the lyrical themes in a memorable way.

“Say It Again”

The main event in my opinion, I’m proud of this one because it’s the most balanced. It doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and there’s enough subtlety and detail to stimulate the attentive listeners, but you have to be paying attention, that’s the kind of art I look for personally.


This one is a weird blend of older EDM styles and Alt pop / R&B, it was tricky balancing the vocal / lyric themes with the more energetic sound design oriented stuff, I think this one has the most colour and quirkiness out of all of them.

“Move On”

This is a slightly more upbeat track that i thought would contrast the more dreary themes of the EP nicely, I definitely want to set up the possibility of creating more house / electro inspired tracks in the future and this serves as kind of a precursor to that.


This one is my personal favourite from the EP, I wanted to convey the proper emotional impact in keeping with the more subtle approach of the production and lyrics, this is a needed change of pace for my writing & production into something that’s a bit more stripped back and open.

You can find more from Jamie Lane on our Tasty! Jams playlists. 

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