BROCKHAMPTON Announce New Album “GINGER” Out Next Month

BROCKHAMPTON’s 5th studio album will be titled “Ginger” and will be out in August. 


BROCKHAMPTON’s 5th studio album is out in August.


Today BROCKHAMPTON shared a cryptic and flashy video that scrolled by the faces of the many members of the self-proclaimed boy band’s roster before blasting out “GINGER / AUGUST.” And just like that we’re getting another BROCKHAMPTON album. It’s their 5th studio album following 2017’s SATURATION trilogy and 2018’s iridescenceThe group has been incredibly active since their last release, although I don’t think we could expect anything less from the group of guys who put out three albums in three months. Kevin Abstract, the band’s frontman released his solo project earlier this year, ARIZONA BABY, teasing it with releases of smaller EP’s like Ghettobabymusic videos, and helped make Dominic Fike the next big thing by sharing a Kevin Abstract-directed video for Fike’s “3 Nights” on the BROCKHAMPTON YouTube channel. The band also shared several videos last year for tracks that never made the cut for iridescence, like “1997 DIANA” and “1998 TRUMAN,” and released a documentary following their journey. There’s still a lot of questions about Ginger but I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

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