Interview: Ocean Heights On "Young Frank," Frank Ocean & What's Next

Interview: Ocean Heights On “Young Frank,” Frank Ocean & What’s Next

INTERVIEW: I talked with Ocean Heights about their current tour, their new single “Young Frank”, and who’s the best at NBA 2K.


I talked with Ocean Heights about their current tour, their new single “Young Frank”, and who’s the best at NBA 2K.

New Jersey newcomers Ocean Heights became instant favorites of mine after hearing their incredible single “Out The Way” last year. The beautiful blend of Indie and R&B that the band produces feels dreamy, simplistic and sensational all at once. They quickly followed up with another Tasty! Jam, the fast-paced “Kinda Love” before announcing their current tour and their most recent release, “Young Frank,” named directly after one of the band’s members. While they were on their tour bus heading from Chicago to Virginia I got the chance to ask the group a few questions in between games of NBA 2K. Check out the full interview below:

So how’s your day going so far?

Justin: It’s going good! Got up early and ate some flavorless yet nutritionally necessary eggs and bacon at the hotel before hitting the road from Chicago to NJ today.

Nice, how has the tour been? Has this been different for you from your first batch of shows?

Jake: Tour so far has been an absolute blast. The love and appreciation I have for being able to be in a different city every night meeting new people, playing new places, and sharing the stage with so many talented musicians is incomparable to anything else. This time around having the bus is a huge upgrade from having two separate cars, we don’t have to worry about getting separated (except for leaving Tylor at a gas station) and we get to yell at each other while playing Xbox on our twelve hour drives. But overall I can’t wait for more time on the road with my brothers.

Any notable moments or favorite performances?

Justin: My favorite performance of the tour so far has to be Chicago. We were direct support to L. Martin who has been one of our biggest inspirations to even become musicians so it was really one of those magical moments where you can take a step back and be like “fuck look how far we’ve come. This guy who is our hero is now playing with us.”

Tell me about your newest song “Young Frank”, it’s not often you hear a song named after one of the band members, how did it all come about?

Justin: Writing Young Frank might be the worst decision we ever made. Frank’s new found fame has gone straight to his head. We have to pull him in a chariot to and from each gig, hold his Juul to his lips when he desires, prepare him breakfast every morning. It’s really becoming an issue. Good guy though.

And what’s Frankie think about the song? Is that 4:20 run time intentional or just fate?

Young Frank: I was always destined for stardom and it’s about time I’ve gotten the recognition that I deserve. Since its release my standard of living has increased tenfold. But like all good things in life, celebrity status has its downsides. Sometimes the grapes that the band so willingly feed me are slightly out of season and in conclusion… SMOKE WEED ER’Y DAY.

Speaking of Frank, if you’re going to space and could only take one, are you taking Blonde, Endless, Channel Orange or Nostalgia Ultra?

Justin: I’m a Blonde boi.

Who’s the best at NBA 2K?

Carboni: Well, we can all agree that Jake is certainly the worst. His only move consists of constantly dribbling and passing until I’ve breathed my last. Justin is surprisingly nimble, but he always uses LeBron so I’m gonna have to play a few more rounds with him before I can truly judge his abilities. Also I never played 2K before yesterday.

What’s the future look like for Ocean Heights? Where do you see yourselves in a year from now?

Tylor: The certainty of Ocean Heights’ future often plays out like a roller coaster ride. Most days it seems as though the world is our oyster and we could do just about anything, but then every so often the days can drag a bit and tend to feel a little less bright. But that doesn’t mean we would be ready to give up any time soon. In a year’s time, our hope is to see a brand new EP or album in our discography and to get back out on the road ASAP hopefully many times over.

You can find more from Ocean Heights on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. You can also buy tickets to their current tour here.

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