Interview: Okaywill On Signing To Majestic Casual & "The Journey"

Interview: Okaywill On Signing To Majestic Casual & “The Journey”

INTERVIEW: Talking to Okaywill about his Falling For You EP, signing with Majestic Casual and what’s next for him.


Okaywill shares his thoughts on his new EP, his songwriting and signing to Majestic Casual.


South Carolina musician Okaywill has burst onto the indie electronica scene over the past year after signing with Majestic Casual and subsequently releasing a killer EP, Falling For You. I first heard Okaywill’s song “Pretend” earlier this year and instantly fell in love with his joyous sound. He has an interesting way of combining rather cheery production with incredibly thoughtful lyrics to create an interesting juxtaposition in his songs. He followed up a few months later with “Falling For You” and then an EP of the same name. I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his music, his inspirations and process, and what’s next for him. Check out the full interview below.


So, kicking things off, how did the Okaywill project really come about?

I started the Okaywill project as a passion project for my writing and vocals. I’ve always been in love with Indie music since a young kid and wanted to start writing my own.

Has your producing changed over the years? Has this always been your “sound” or did you go through some different phases? 

My producing has changed for sure, it used to be strictly electronic, now I am trying to incorporate live sounds and instruments moving forward to get a timeless kind of sound.

How did you get in touch with Majestic Casual? What was it like getting signed?

An A&R rep reached out from Majestic over Facebook and I sent him some demos which later came out to be the EP. I was very happy to get signed so early because I had only a few SoundCloud demos that I put out at the time.

Let’s talk about the EP, do you have a personal favorite from the EP? Do you think that will change with time?

I think my favorite is “The Journey” because I really took a left field step writing that song and I was very pleased with the way it turned out.

Tell me the inspiration behind the minimal artwork and video. Was that always your vision or was that what Anthony created after hearing your music? 

Minimalism is my technique when it comes to writing music so I had to have something that could replicate it in sight. I sent Anthony a few ideas over and he nailed them the first try!

What’s your songwriting process like? What do you start with? 

I start with the instrumental and as i’m working on that I start thinking about how I’m going to fit my voice into the song.

Your songs often include deep, thoughtful lyrics over super happy production, are you setting out to capture that contrasting effect or do you find that you’re just doing what feels right a lot of the time?

Honestly, it just feels right to me, I don’t try to have the contrast, it just kind of happens.

How do you think being from South Carolina has affected your sound? Is there a burgeoning music scene in your area? 

There isn’t a scene here that really inspires me but there are no influences around to inspire my sound so it truly comes from my heart when I write.

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

I would love for this project to be successful in the next few years! I’m going to be releasing a lot of music so I can only hope it builds!

Do you have any plans for live shows in support of the EP? 

I do not have any live shows planned yet as I am still trying to build my catalogue of music as well thinking about when the right time to start touring with the project.

Lastly, any music recommendations for me? Who have you been into lately? 

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jack Stauber, Whitney, Benny Sings, and a ton of 60s, 70s and 80s music! The classics.

You can find more from okaywill on Spotify, Instagram and Twitter.

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