Interview: LUME Shares The Secrets To New Song "Hair Full of Secrets"

Interview: LUME Shares The Secrets To New Song “Hair Full of Secrets”

INTERVIEW: LUME shares her favorite Mean Girls quote, the story behind her new song “Hair Full of Secrets” and her silly new shampoo name.

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“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”


LUME shared a mesmerizing pop jam last week, “Hair Full of Secrets,” that throws it back to the classic days when we wore pink on Wednesdays. The Brighton-based singer-songwriter has been on an absolute roll lately dropping the explosive “Edge of My Seat” and Tasty! “Something Sweeter” so far this year. “Hair Full of Secrets” is the third single from her upcoming EP, which will be following her debut project from 2018, Tip of Your Thumbthat has already amassed over five million streams. I got the opportunity to ask LUME a few questions about her new release, her sound and influences and what her favorite scene from Mean Girls is. You can check out the full interview below and find “Hair Full of Secrets” from LUME on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

So what does this song mean to you?

I think a lot of people know what it’s like to be around someone who is slightly toxic for their life but aren’t sure if to let them go. For “Hair Full of Secrets” I wanted to write about a man I knew closely for a short amount of time. In the verses I’m very sober to his ways, but the choruses fall back under his spell. The song was fully written by me over the space of a few weeks so it was a labour of love to dig into how I was feeling and figure out what was going on.

You blend many different genres in your music, how do you describe your sound?

I think ultimately it is pop music, but I love bending the rules and seeing how far I can push the boundaries and still remain in the pop world. It could be with structure, lyrics, timing, or strange sounds. I think I’ll always love pop but you gotta keep it interesting.

The title, “Hair Full of Secrets,” is that a Mean Girls reference? 

It’s funny, I had that phrase written down somewhere for about a year, and knew I wanted it to be a song title for something someday. It was only when I Googled the phrase, that Mean Girls came up, so maybe I had subconsciously remembered it from my childhood days!

Do you have a favorite scene or memory from the movie?

(Laughs) Yes, so my favorite scene is when they are all in the gymnasium and Coach Carr says “Do NOT have sex. You will get pregnant. And die.”

There’s a serious vibe change both musically and on the cover artwork of your more recent releases compared to your first EP, Tip of Your Thumb. What’s your inspiration and motivation for the transition and do you think you’ll continue to release music in this way? 

I think with the first EP I held back on giving everything away about myself. During that time it was freeing to just put out music and not have anyone making any preconceptions. There was no face to put to the music back then – I actually had a few people thinking LUME was a male producer or a band. EP two was a nice way to introduce myself properly. My real name is Zara by the way!

Do you think your third EP will look and sound drastically different from what you’re sharing now?

I do think the next batch will sound a little different, but hopefully in an exciting way. I think it’s inevitable that you’ll lose some listeners and also gain some along the way as you grow as an artist, but think that’s the way it has to be if you want to evolve.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Bon Iver, James Blake, Emilie Nicholas — “Roots” by her is beautiful — Maggie Rogers too.

Lastly, what would you name the shampoo for someone with “Hair Full of Secrets”?

Hmm, maybe ’Shear-Lock Combs’ could be the name of the Hairdressers? I’ve actually heard of that before! And the shampoo could be some form of lie detector test… Okay, I have no idea.

You can find more from LUME on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

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