Roy Blair Impresses On New "GRAFFITI EP"

Roy Blair Impresses On Wild New “GRAFFITI EP”

LISTEN: The three track EP also features Choker on “YOU WEREN’T ENOUGH”

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Roy Blair is taking his own path.

GRAFFITI is the newest release from 22-year-old LA musician Roy Blair and the follow up to his 2017 album Cat Heaven. Roy Blair is definitely an interesting character. His fully-capitalized EP’s cover features him donning a lime green dress with the hair to match, and that’s only the cover. The sounds you’ll find within the 13 minutes of music Blair’s given us will have you mesmerized. His music is somehow reminiscent of both LCD Soundsystem and BROCKHAMPTON simultaneously and features one of the most incredible new artists of the next generation, Choker, on the standout final song “YOU WEREN’T ENOUGH.” You can find GRAFFITI on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

1 comments on “Roy Blair Impresses On Wild New “GRAFFITI EP””

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