CLN Shares Debut Album "Dawn Chorus"

CLN Shares Debut Album “Dawn Chorus”

LISTEN: CLN impresses on his downtempo and natural new debut album

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The Australian artist delivers on his downtempo debut.

CLN has really been building up the anticipation for his debut album Dawn Chorus. He first popped up on my radar last year with the gorgeous “Waiting for You” and then again impressed by following up with a string of stellar releases like “Own Skin,” “What I Know,“Fade to Grey” and “Change My Mind.” And that’s not to mention his lovely remix of Frank Ocean’s “Chanel” that he shared back in April.

CLN spoke a bit about the long process to get this album together, saying “I worked on this album in three different countries and some of the songs have been in the works for over three years.Some of them were started and finished a week before the album deadline. I wasn’t expecting them to make the album, but they ended up feeling like a good fit.”

So with more than a year’s worth of buildup in the form of singles, I was ready for Dawn Chorus and it did not disappoint. The album is very melodic, ambient at times, but overall just dreamy.  CLN noted, “I envisioned this album as something that you can put on when you are driving or walking through a beautiful place. I hope that it can be complementary to the things that you see and hear.”

You can listen to all ten tracks from CLN’s Dawn Chorus available now and you can find his newest single and the leading track “Breaksmyheart” on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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