Interview: More Giraffes Are Here To Have Fun With New “Bermuda EP”

INTERVIEW: More Giraffes talk about their new Bermuda EP, working with Sweater Beats and more

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More good music from More Giraffes.

The LA duo of Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford are ready to take you to your happy place. The pair make up one of the hottest new acts of the year, More Giraffes. Specializing in making music to make you feel good the future pop duo just shared their new Bermuda EP, featuring already certifiably Tasty! Jams “Playground,” “Surf” and “Treehouse” and a new one for you to chew on, the title track, “Bermuda.” I also got the opportunity to ask Mark and Keeley a few questions about the new EP, how they met, their collaboration with Sweater Beats and more. See the full interview below.

To kick it off, how did you two meet and begin working together?

We met in at college in Boston initially but didn’t start working together until we both moved to LA and reconnected. We’d worked together on music for ads, TV, movie trailers and other artist projects before starting More Giraffes.

What has been the goal of this project for you?

The goal is to create a colorful future pop sound we can cut loose and have fun with. Sometimes life feels so serious and MG has been a really good outlet for us to get that side of our personalities out. We also want to bring people in to the music and world of MG. Inclusion and spreading posi vibes is number one for us.

To me, a lot of your music holds this nostalgic feel of childhood innocence. Is this something you’re thinking about during the songwriting process or does the topic matter just seem to naturally flow with the uplifting instrumentation and overall message?

With the Bermuda EP specifically, the songs started to be about escapism from the current digital world that feels so dark sometimes. Treehouses, playgrounds, the ocean – we’re also 90’s kids so we can’t help it.

More Giraffes - Credit: Zac Wolf

What inspired you to take a “glammed out scooter” to Bermuda? Was it planned or spontaneous?

We wrote the chorus first, for some reason the initial beat was called “bermuda” so we just started singing “I’m going to Bermuda, on a brand new scooter…” It just flowed to us haha. Then we were like this song is obviously about someone who is peacing the scene to live their best life, and they are leaving in the dopest way possible, flying through the sky over the ocean on a glammed out scooter.

How did your “Playground” collaboration with Sweater Beats come about?

We were set up on a session with Sweater Beats and wrote “Playground” on our first day! I think Antonio (Sweater Beats) feels a lot of the same nostalgia we do and was also down to get pretty out with the lyrics, so we just made a party out of it.

What do you feel has been the biggest change since your first EP, It Was A Joke?

I think we’ve gotten a little more honest in our writing. We’re trying to keep the same spirit and nature of More Giraffes, while digging a little deeper into how we’re feeling.

Who have you guys been listening to? Any smaller artists you’re waiting to see blow up?

Ha, I think we’re still pretty small, but we love our friends who make awesome music like Cape Weather, Waine and Bellsaint who are all awesome LA artists.

Lastly, nothing can replace giraffes, but if you had to choose one other animal to be “More” of, what would you choose?

More Red Pandas!

You can find more from More Giraffes on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and on their Website.

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