Litche Returns With Calming New Song "Nothing To Lose"

Litche Returns With Calming New Song “Nothing To Lose”

LISTEN: Litche brings us a soothing instrumental jam with “Nothing To Lose”

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The instrumental single marks Litche’s first release since his debut EP.

There’s nothing better than a soothing song that you can just throw on to fit any mood. Australian producer Litche was able to perfectly capture that essence in his new song “Nothing To Lose,” his first new release in nearly a year. Litche had quite a bit to say about the track, adding “This song came together really quickly. Alone in my bedroom, I was playing around with my OP-1 Synthesizer making arpeggiated loops while experimenting with stretching, shrinking and warping the samples in Ableton. After layering and arranging all of those loops and adding further production, I ended up with a song.”

Litche also spoke on the inspiration for the track, saying “Lately I have been listening to music that feels a lot happier and warmer, drawing inspiration from other artists who make mostly instrumental music that helps to put you in a positive headspace. With mental health being such an important and often overlooked part of life, I wanted to create music that is mood lifting. The change in timing of the arpeggiated loops to me signifies the pace of life and how it’s always changing. I also tried to use sounds in the production that help the listener feel some sort of comfort or ease despite that ever-changing pace and often stress that life can offer.

You can find “Nothing To Lose” from Litche on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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