Monsune Shares Dreamy Debut "Transition EP"

Monsune Shares Dreamy Debut “Tradition EP”

LISTEN: After sharing “OUTTA MY MIND,” his first new music since his 2017 debut single, Monsune has now delivered his Transitions EP

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Monsune is quickly establishing himself.

After re-emerging just weeks ago with “OUTTA MY MIND,” his first new music since his 2017 debut single “Nothing In Return,” Monsune has now delivered a full EP. The Chinese-Canadian musician has an incredible way of blending sounds to create an engaging yet dreamy final product. Monsune spoke a bit about Tradition, saying:

Tradition is a collection of 5 songs I’ve been working on over the past year.

The EP is loosely based on the emotional chaos I’ve been through while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. It covers some of my experiences with uncertainty, infatuation, diaspora, and a lot of other new feelings I’ve come across throughout this transition.

Sonically, the project draws from a bunch of different influences that have shaped me over the past little while. I listened to a lot of Prince, Outkast, Mazzy Star & J Dilla while making it. Each song is a combination of instruments I’ve recorded and samples chopped from old & new records that I love. It’s admittedly pretty all over the place, but it’s probably a good representation of my confusion as a young adult in this weird day & age.

It’s been really fun working on this project, and I’m both excited and nervous about finally putting these songs out there. Hope you enjoy <3”

You can find “CLOUD” and “OUTTA MY MIND” from Monsune on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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