Brasko Releases Debut Album "SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR"

Brasko Releases Steamy Debut Album “SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR”

LISTEN: Brasko impresses on his NSFW debut album “SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR”

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The Nashville musician known for his extravagant image shares his debut.

Brasko hasn’t ever looked to be “normal.” He’s flamboyant, unpredictable, a showman, not safe for work and, above all else, an exciting musician. Hailing from Nashville, he’s developed an interesting blend of sound and paved his own lane of Pop music. I first heard him with the incredible “Static” before he truly won me over with songs like “Vertigo” and “Lipstick Stains.” Brasko’s debut album SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR definitely channels a lot of that mascara-covered “naughty” persona he’s captured. Opening on the not so subtly named “Welcüm” and interrupting the flow with tracks like “Erotic Skit 1” and “2” you may not want to have this one on too loud if you’re trying to avoid some looks being thrown your way. You can find the title track, “Sexdreamsuperstar” from Brasko on our Tasty! Jams playlists.