Abhi The Nomad Shares New Album "Modern Trash"

Abhi The Nomad Shares New Album “Modern Trash”

LISTEN: Abhi The Nomad shares his sophomore album “Modern Trash”

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The followup to 2018’s Marbled.

On Abhi The Nomad‘s Modern Trash the Indian-born rapper explores a variety of themes but keeps a strong focus on the current distressful state of the world in 2019. There’s a variety of tracks on the record with straight jams like singles “House of Clocks” and “Me No Evil,” big, bouncy bangers like “BTFL” and more relaxed, R&B and Pop tracks like “Tell Me Nothing.”

Abhi spoke a bit about the album, saying he set out to make “thoughtful, environmentally conscious hip hop,” also taking a minute to talk about the inspiration behind the lead single: “’Me No Evil’ is my ego dipped in the mind of a rambling drunk. A dreary yet catchy banger that speaks on alcoholism and the cycle of depression that surrounds many millennials. A melancholic guitar sample drives the track over distorted 808s and claps as I sing ‘My bedroom’s like a club to me, my shit banging, this bottle’s like a snub to me; noose to hang with'”.

You can stream the full album above and find “Me No Evil” from Abhi The Nomad on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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